Sunday, January 29, 2006


Yesterday Elliot's umbilical cord fell off. It happened when Shell changed him. Sorry no pictures :)

Other than that things have been going pretty well. He still has his nights and days mixed up so sleep is not being had consistently.

Tim caught a bit of a cold this past week and Eli was a little congested one day, but nothing serious.

We're back to the ped tomorrow for his 2 week check up.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Bassinet

This bassinet was given to us by Gram and Gramps. It was originally given to Gram by her parents, Tim's Nana and Poppop when his oldest sister was born. It had been in their basement since Tim grew out of it (he's the youngest) and wasn't in the greatest condition. It had some mold and mildew stains and the mattress was not salvageable at all. Gram and Gramps had it stripped and restained and we must say it turned out amazing.

So last night was our first night with the bassinet and we attempted to let Eli sleep in it while we slept in the bed beside it (rather than one of us stay up with him at a time while the other slept). For the first attempt at this it went pretty well. It meant we were both up at feding time and both attempting sleep when not feeding. If Eli has his pacifier in, some white noise playing on the radio and the space heater keeping him nice and toasty he was pretty content. I think if we stick with this routine everyone will get the hang of it soon.

My Elephant

Tim's co-worker Danette gave Eli this stuffed elephant. Isn't it adorable? One day he will be able to snuggle with it, until then he'll have to settle for riding it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Shell Pregnancy Slideshow

Click here (or click on picture) to view the slideshow of pictures of Shell at various stages of pregnancy. There is audio.

A Good Quote

From Mag (paraphrased): "Flowers are for girls, muffins are for boys."


Went to the new pediatrician today and everything went swimmingly. This experience was 180 degrees from the last one. Eli is gaining weight, up to 4 lbs. 13 oz. and got a good once over by the Dr. who said everything looks good. We'll be sticking with this office which I'm really happy about because it is right around the corner from us and they have late hours everyday. A more thorough exam will happen next Monday on his official 2 week visit.

He has begun to poop up a storm. Shell was in for a nice surprise when she attempted to change him earlier today - he wasn't quite done. Luckily she's an expert and had the new diaper in perfect position to catch his fastball.

We're starting to get into a sleeping, eating, pooping routine which is good for everyone. He seems to be sleeping in the pack and play better as long as you play some white noise and give him a pacifier (rather than hold him the entire time). This allowed Shell and I to take a nap together in the same bed earlier! It was fantastic.

Bath Time

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room decorations

This is a cool painting our friend John gave us. To see more of his artwork (and art by others he works with) click here or visit the link to on the right. Posted by Picasa

yes, he has to share his room with the office

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Elliot's Room

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...and baby makes three

Tim, Michele and Elliot Posted by Picasa

Poppoppop (Tim's Poppop)

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Great Grandmom (Tim's Grandmom)

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Great Pops (Shell's Pops)

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Great Great Mommom (Shell's Great Mommom)

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Great Mommom (Shell's Mommom)

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Mommom and Poppop (Shell's parents)

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Regina and Ethan (Shell's twin sister and husband)

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Mary and Genevieve (Mike's wife and daughter)

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