Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick Update

Just a quick update since it has been awhile. Elliot started school last week and so far so good. He is doing really well with leaving me and really loves his teacher and his new class. I thought he would have a difficult time knowing that I was across the hall but so far he is doing a fantastic job. He comes home singing songs everyday and telling me the things that he has learned. It is hard to get a picture of Elliot now because he refuses to look at the camera.
Max is having a rough time with his teeth coming in. He has a cold plus his top tooth is super close and the other one is right behind. He took a few steps by himself the other day and is standing on his own more and more. It is hard to believe that he will be one in a few short days.

Teething + Cold= Grossness

Smith Memorial Playground

Jammies from Canada

Being Sly

Cutie Pie

Hoodie Photo Shoot

Halloween Jammies

Tool Man (playing in Mom's classroom)

First day of school--He is a Bunny

Eating and driving

Pushing the stroller

Popscicle Time

Happy that they won

Eagles Fan

Learning to walk

Playing Musical chairs

Super Hero Elliot

Down the roley slide

Crossing the troll bridge

Sliding with Kyle

Looking so old

Jail Bird

Staying hydrated

Loving the swing

Learning my trees

I don't like pictures mom

Standing on his own

Enjoying a fruit bar

Kisses for Aunt Gene

Help me Mom

Chuckie Mouse

Loving Mikayla's car

Horn Player

I had no idea he could do it until he picked it up and blew. He scared himself a little each time he did it but then giggled afterwards.

Playing the Horn