Saturday, July 05, 2008

A busy time lately

We have kept super busy lately. In May we went to the Collingswood Mayfair. Elliot had his first pony ride and he did it without hesitation. At the end of the month we took a trip to Cape May Point for the weekend. The weather was beautiful. Elliot is still not a huge fan of walking on the sand but he did have a blast stomping on sand castles and playing with the water. Strawberry picking was also a May activity. The boys had a great time with Mommom and Poppop and probably ate more strawberries in the field than what we brought home.
The 4th of July brought Aunt Kate, Uncle Paul, John and Jeannie to NJ. Elliot had so much fun playing with his cousin all week. We watched the Haddonfield Parade and Elliot patriotically waved his flag the whole time. After nap we went to Crystal Lake Pool and swam until bedtime. Unfortunately, both boys are in bed way before the fireworks are set off so daddy did his own mini-show for the boys on our street.
Elliot went fishing for the first time and caught 3 fish! He really did enjoy his time (and seeing Kyle fall into the lake was a little funny--and scary--)

Here's another

We caught one

I'm fishing!!!!!!!!!

Don't throw the bobber!

This will have to do

Just one smile El, please

At the pool with Gram and Aunt Kate

Friday, July 04, 2008

mmmm, lollipop

Here come the fire trucks

Watching with Dad

My first parade

Aunt Kate's B-day

Meeting Baby Jeannie

Daddy's Father's Day present

The big pool

Hee Haw

Sliding into the baby pool

Buckets of fun


Like father, like son

Aunt Mag's "tractor"

A Picture with my favorite Gram

A plane!

My cheese face again

Digging on a blanket

Still not a huge fan of the sand.

Reading stories with Gram

First trip to the beach this summer--May 31st

A cookie with Poppop

Mr. Farmer and Mr. Bee

Strawberry Picking at Springdale Farm

Baseball player

We go to the playground...

...and he plays in the tree.

1st Pony Ride

At the Collingswood May Fair.

See ya!

Cool Dude

He shoots, he scores

Relaxing on the deck