Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A new school year

September 9, 2008 brought Elliot's first day of school. He started Nursery School at St. Mark's. He will go on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45am-11:15am. He was excited to get new school shoes and a new book bag. He had a blast on the open house day when he got to go and meet his teacher and play in his classroom. The first day was a little traumatic (for Elliot and mom). He was OK until he realized I wouldn't be staying with him. The teacher had to carry him into the school, kicking and screaming but she said he did great once he was in the classroom. He was very happy that "Mommy came back" and was all smiles when I picked him up.

First day of school

The calm before the storm.

School hair cut

Cape May--August 2008

We were fortunate enough to make it back to Cape May again this summer. The house was full of adults and kids and everyone had a blast. Elliot got to hang out with his cousins (Kyle, Mikayla, Gen and Evelyn) as well as grandparents and aunts and uncles. He is over his sand phobia and ran down the beach with no issues at all. To the delight of Poppop and surprise of mom and dad, he went "surfing" in the ocean and went deep into the water on Poppop's boogie board. For the first time ever, he slept on a bed and did great, except waking up WAY earlier than normal. We took a trip to the boardwalk and rode on rides, including the BIG ferris wheel. Elliot (and mom and dad) were exhausted by the end of the week but it was well worth it.

Time to go home

Cowabunga Dude, Hang 10

That's one way to keep them still

Somebody save me!!!!!!!!!

Buried with Gen

On Uncle E's real boat

1 pic with mom

Breakfast with dad

Boat ride with Kyle

Riding the Dumptruck

Getting back at Dad

Cooling off

Enjoying a snack

Busy summer

We have had an extremely busy summer, I can't believe it is already over. Elliot throughly enjoyed "sleeping in" (when it actually occurred) and spending the days with mom and playing with Kyle. We tried to keep busy by going to the pool, the playground and other places. We took a trip to the zoo and the Phillies game as well. We made it to Smith Memorial playground one time. We also spent our Thursday mornings at story time at the Haddonfield library and got to see Gram and Mommom, all in one trip. He is getting to be so grown up. This summer we worked on potty training which went pretty well and he now sleeps in a big boy bed with Diego sheets. The end of the summer marks a new beginning as we await the arrival of Elliot's little sister or brother (he says brother but I think he is confused because we keep telling him he is going to be a big brother--before that he always said it was a girl). We'll find out shortly.

"Elmo" hugs

Cheese with Gram

Disgruntled Bus driver

He didn't want his picture taken.

Found last year's beach hat

Paddle boat ride

First trip to the lake

Phillies Phan

He was enjoying himself even though it doesn't look like it.

Posing on a bear

Saying Hi to the Zebras

Trying out the travel bed

Making Pizza for dinner

Butterfly Project from Story time