Saturday, March 06, 2010

Update on Max

Max had his hips x-rayed and everything looks great. There are no issues though I still think one leg may be slightly longer than the other but nothing that would need any sort of correction. His ears are another issue though. He has had 5 ear infections in the last 9 months and the ENT suggested tubes. Since they only last 6-8 months before falling out and instead of risking the chance of having to do 2 surgeries, we are going to hold off until the summer to look into surgery. If he has a few more ear infections from now until then, then we will be 100% sure that tubes are the right decision.

Elliot's 4 year stats

Elliot had his 4 year check up on February 17th. He is now 39 inches tall and 30 pounds. He is still tracking on the same path as always. He was playing a little shy with the doctor but did manage to hop on one foot when asked and she said he is doing great. He did get two shots that we were not expecting but perked up once we got in the car. He apparently had an ear infection that we were unaware of but it was clearing up so no need for medicine.

Cool Whip fun

Mixing Colors with Cool Whip

Spikey Hair

Brushing my teeth

Rise and shine sleepy heads, time for school

Daddy Montage

Valentine's Day Montage

Painting Valentine's Hearts