Thursday, November 04, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Hey Family and Friends,
Every year I order our Christmas cards from Shutterfly. I choose Shutterfly because I love to include photos on our cards since we do not get to see everyone too often and therefore, you get to see how the boys are growing. I try and pick the multiple photo cards so I can add a few different photos of the boys by themselves and a few of them together. Although it is very hard choice, the card below will most likely be our card this year. I love the fact that you can put 8 pictures on it and the whimsy of the Christmas tree. So in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for our Christmas card in your mailbox! I hope everyone has a safe and joyous holiday!
Michele, Tim, Elliot and Max
PS: If you'd like to check out more options for cards, click the links below.