Monday, February 26, 2007

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I want the whole thing

We were on a banana kick for awhile. We used to be able to give him bite sized pieces but now he wants the whole thing.

The whole ensamble

The Professor

He has patches on his elbows. This was a Christmas gift from Aunt Mar and Uncle Mike.

My favorite game with Dad

I sneak up behind him and tap his back until he gets my hands and flips me over his back.

I like pears

I just need some teeth so I can bite into it.

Share Please

Manly Valentine's Day Shirt

Thanks Gram.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Boy Now

Our baby is growing up way too fast. We realized this the other day as we put away his bottles. He is no longer using bottles and no longer on formula. We tried whole milk for a week (he was miserable) so we went to soy milk. He is doing great with it. Even though he STILL has no teeth, he loves food and does great with that as well. He has no interest in walking by himself but crawling gets him where he wants and fast. He now knows what songs each of his toys makes and how to get them to make the noise. If I sing a song, he will go to that toy and make it work, even if it is in a different room. He knows what he wants and tries to communicate by pointing, we are working on saying the words but that isn't going too well. We are also working on not throwing mini temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way or get what he wants right away but I know this will be a constant battle for years to come. All in all he is doing great, just getting too big, too old, too fast.


I hope I don't have allergies to pollen!

A fun "toy"

Bears on my feet

This is the only way mom could get a good picture of the cute slippers Gram gave me for Christmas. I think they are hilarious.


Spinning on the ottoman. When I stopped, my eyes kept spinning.

Sly smile

Hippest kid ever

Listening to tunes on my iPod (really it is mom's). Shhhhhhhh don't tell dad it was country music.

My radio

I now know how to manipulate each toy to do what it is supposed to. This one is my favorite and the first one I learned how to "correctly" use.

I probably shouldn't have this, should I?

Mmmmmmmmmm Cereal Bar

Even though he has no teeth, he does great with food.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I am sorry there are not more pictures to share recently. With Elliot being mobile, it is really hard to get good pictures of him. I take a lot of pictures but then delete most of them because he turned his head that last minute or looked down. I really am trying.

Big guy seat


I got a new hat from Gram. Dad got a matching bomber hat too. We need to get a picture of both of us.


Elliot has been obsessed with the snowman's nose since I put it out before Christmas. He touches it and "plucks" it because it is made of a spring.