Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cape May--August 2009

It was another successful vacation to Cape May again this year. This time we had 6 kids all 4 years and under and they did a fabulous job. Elliot always loves the beach but Max, who likes being at home, did a great job as well and had a blast. We hit our usual spots and did our normal traditions--feeding the seagulls, Ocean City boardwalk, big spaghetti dinner (no pics of that :-(
Can't wait to do it again next year.


Moms, Dads and Kids

Some alone time with my ice cream

mmmmmm ice cream

Playing nicely

First Popsicle

Helping Uncle E drive

Boat Ride!

On the Ferris Wheel with Gram

The only "ride" he truly wanted to go on

He would have stayed in it all night

At least we are together, even if he isn't smiling

Feeding seagulls

Mom and Max

Laughing at the seagulls


Kids in a bucket

Dad and Max

Photo op

Just playing

Sitting by the water with Gram

Evelyn being helpful

Having fun in the pool


Dad and son

Max eating a peach

Really eating the peach this time

I can't see so well

Being goofy

yes, I like Spongebob

Marshmallows for dessert

Sucking on some canteloupe

Cowboy hat photo session

Loving the beach since he was allowed to roam free

Playing in the pool

Making brownies at 9am

Beach shirt photo session