Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Baby's First Christmas 12-25-2006

Elliot's first Christmas was fantastic and he was great. We started the morning off bright and early (6am--how do they know to wake up earlier than normal?) We got breakfast (coffee and monkey bread) and opened gifts from relatives. After his first nap we went to see Gramps. We had a nice visit and then were off to Mommom and Poppop's house to open gifts with Aunt Gene, Uncle Ethan and Kyle. I took a nap there and on our way home, we stopped in Collingswood to see G-mom and Poppop and luckily Aunt Ree and Uncle Tom were there too. When we got home, Gram and Aunt Mag were already there preparing a yummy dinner. We hung out and opened more presents and had dinner. Paula came and we watched the Eagles game. After a nice bath I retired for the night. It was a very nice Christmas and I can't wait to do it again next year!

The best present

I am mom and dad's greatest gift.

Home again for some more presents.

More gifts to open

I got some pretty cool things.

And the day continues

at Mommom and Poppop's house with Kyle.

Taking a break

The 3 Reinking Men

Eskimo Kisses from Gramps

I like it

Mom got dad one of those musical Hallmark cards with the Peanuts characters on front.

Is Christmas over?

I'm exhausted!

Elliot have some fun, bang the drum

Thanks Aunt Kate, Uncle Paul and John. I love my new Bee Bop Band.

What a cool outfit.

Thanks Aunt Missy and Uncle Rick.

This is neat

Thanks Aunt Pat, Uncle Jack, and Kaitlyn (thanks for the football too)

Do you think it is me?

Thanks Aunt Beth, Uncle Jason, Sam, Jess and Drew.

Are you ready?

Let me at those presents.

Good Night Mommom

Let's get home, Santa Claus is coming!

Christmas Eve

Our Little Schroder

He is playing a piano.


Ooops I dropped one.

O Christmas Tree

I mean Christmas bush.

I'm almost ready to walk

12-22-06 He is getting good at standing without an aid. He could stand longer but he always dives into mom or dad's arms.

He He He

He may need a hair cut soon.

I'm so proud of myself

12-16-06 We found him standing in the crib for the first time after his morning nap. He was very happy with his accomplishment.

Chilling after my nap

Fun with dad

He is giving me raspberries.

Pure Joy

He is laughing so hard, his eyes are closed.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Who's this strange man?

He was all smiles until the photographer rang the bell...every child needs a crying Santa picture. His shirt says it all!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pinch the moonies

Blackmail pictures for his first girlfriend.


Peek-a-boo, I see you

Cletus, the Slack-jawed-yokel

That is dad's name for this picture (it is a Simpsons reference)

The littlest things...

...crack me up. I love a good cell phone and standing.

I'm so happy...

...with my clothes off.

I like my new toy

Thanks mom and dad for the early Christmas present.

Look what I can reach

I like being higher, there are so many new things I shouldn't have.

I love my mom

Thanksgiving 2006

This year was a big hit again. It was a little smaller than usual since unfortunately, the North Carolina contingent couldn't make the trip. Mommom and Poppop still bought a turkey bigger than both Elliot and Kyle (30lbs). We were eating leftovers for days. Elliot enjoyed himself and ate some stuffing, sweet potatoes, bread and a little turkey. It was a very nice holiday.

3 Fat Turkeys

This is my Mommom

Showing off

All dressed up

All decked out in my new Thanksgiving outfit.

Sunday, November 19, 2006