Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It smells so good

Is that clean laundry?

I think I'm a seal

Ha ha ha

Big helper

Pooped out

10 minutes into the car ride home.

A quick day trip

Mommy belongs to a pregnancy website (misfit moms) and had a chance to meet some of the moms that she has been talking to for nearly 2 years. We drove down to Ocean City, NJ and spent some time walking on the boardwalk then we had lunch. It was very hot and I didn't get a morning nap but I was still great. It was a lot of fun hanging out with a bunch of kids my own age.

The whole gang

Mommy and me

Give me a kiss

What the %#@!

Are we done?

New Friends

I'm one cool guy

Mom was trying to get a picture of me in my cool outfit from Mommom, I wasn't cooperating.

Crystal Lake Pool

I was not too interested in going swimming, the water was way too cold (I thought baby pools were supposed to be warmer?)

Future Accountant????

Cooling down

What did you do to me?

I look like a dork.

Hair cut #3

Mom was not pleased with this bowl cut. I was so good in the chair and this is what I ended up with. Luckily my hair grows fast.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Trial Run for August

We spent the weekend in Cape May Point which turned out to be a test run for our week long vacation in August. Let us hope that it turns out as well as this did. Elliot did a fantastic job this weekend. Nothing threw him off. He slept in on Saturday morning even though he was in a strange place. He loved the bike rides we took both mornings and he fell in love with the beach the minute he sat down. He did not like the sand on his feet at all but that was convenient for mom and dad because he sat on the blanket most of the time. The water was way too cold to even put his feet in so we didn't risk it. He really wanted a seagull to come closer but unfortunately they were too scared. By Sunday afternoon he did venture on too the sand a little but quickly came back. We can't wait to go back in 2 months.

Look Ma, No Hands

Awww, Baby

Kisses for Dad

My own Backpack Chair

Thanks to Gram.

Beach Baby

A Free Ride From Aunt Mag

Getting Hydrated

A good seat


Matching Hats

Tickle my Toes

A True Beach Bum

Look! A bird

Vegging in front of the TV

Watching the Backyardigans

Hi Dad!

A yummy pear

A new experience