Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Tradition

We had pizza at Aunt Gene's and Uncle E's and dyed eggs with Kyle. Both boys did a great job and did not make too much of a mess. Each one cracked one egg (not bad) dropping them too hard into the cup. In the end we added a few stickers. By the time we were done, Elliot was cranky and ready for bed after his long day.

Dying Eggs--VIDEO, click play

I've had enough...time for bed

I won't look at the camera but Kyle will

Alright but I won't open my eyes

Mix it up

Put the egg in

I don't want to wait!

My "Bobcat"

He was pretending to drive a bobcat--his new favorite truck since the landscape men down the street let him ride in one.

Like it spikey?

My hair is growing out

Egg Hunt

Kyle and Elliot went on an Easter Egg hunt on March 15th. We were near the end of the line so by the time we got into the gate, all the eggs were gone. They did get a pity egg each (a man dropped an egg in front of them). They were more interested in playing on the playground, then looking for silly eggs. The prize was a chocolate bunny. Elliot only went near the Easter Bunny because she was giving out jelly beans. He pretty much snatched the beans and ran.

What is that???

What a Prize

A Pity Egg

First cup of hot chocolate

Sledding in the backyard


Sweep the snow

Sharing a snack

But I don't want to sit next to him!

Actually looking at the camera

Ready for school, already!

Oceans N Motions

We found a new indoor playground place called Oceans N Motions in Marlton. The ocean themed play place is geared toward 1-5 year olds. Elliot and Kyle had a blast and hope to go back soon.

Had a blast!

Going to work

Coffee Break

He must be union.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Coming Soon

Elliot will be a big brother come September!