Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Field Trip

Elliot went on his first field trip and it was a lot of fun. Mom and Elliot rode the bus (Elliot thought this was cool) and dad drove behind the bus. We went to Indian Acres Tree Farm for a hay ride (minus the hay) and pumpkin picking. We learned about many kinds of pumpkins, squash and gourds and even ate some shucked pumpkin seeds. It was a cold day but everyone had fun and it was nice to spend some time with just Elliot since we haven't been able to do that too much since Max was born. We are going to carve the pumpkin and roast some seeds soon.

Special Day

Enjoying alone time with mom and dad.

Feeding the goats

Windy pic with mom

Trying to find a BIG one

On the wagon

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fixing the wheel barrel

No thanks

No pictures please.

Hi mom

Coloring the window

Thanks for the cool markers Aunt Kate.

Sweet dreams

First bath

Home with mom

Max William is Born!

Max William Reinking was born on September 29, 2oo8 at 10:20pm. He weighed 6lbs 6oz and was 20 inches long. Mom went into the hospital that morning at 9:30am for an induction because he was overdue and mom wanted him born before October. We got set up in a room and within an hour, the baby's heart rate dropped. I was laying on my back at the time and once I rolled to my side and they put oxygen on, it rose again so they attributed it to being on my back. In another hour, after using the bathroom, his heart rate dropped again. The doctor came in and said if it happened again, we would have to stop the induction (and I would be sent home). After 2 hours, the heart beat looked great and we started the pitocin. They started it slow to make sure the baby could handle the contractions. By 6pm we were up to an 8 on the pitocin and all looked good. Around this time, the monitors fell off my belly and the nurse thought it was a decel in the heart rate again--she was NOT a good listener. So all was stopped again and I had to wait because my OB was in surgery. At 8pm they started the pitocin again and all was good again. I got an epidural around 9:30pm because I had progressed and they wanted the epidural in place "just in case" there was an emergency. About 20-30 minutes after the epidural was in, 5 nurses and my doctor rushed into the room because the heart rate dropped again and this time it wasn't coming back up. While the nurse was checking me (I think she was trying to stimulate the baby) my water broke. It was decided at that point that the baby needed to come out and I would have a c-section. Everything happened really fast. I was wheeled to the OR while Tim got changed into scrubs. I was put onto the table and he immediately started cutting but I could feel EVERYTHING, apparently the epidural didn't work. I yelled at him to stop as there was a mad rush to get medicine to put me under. He still had to cut while I was awake because the heart rate was still down. 5 seconds after the medicine was in, I was out. I woke up an hour later and Tim told me we had a healthy son. I was so relived to learn that he was OK. The NICU nurses came to the OR to check out Max but he was so healthy that they turned around and immediately left. I got to meet Max briefly around 1am. We really got to spend time the next morning around 9am. The doctor said that my placenta was old and not functioning correctly so he wasn't getting the blood he needed and couldn't handle the contractions. I am so glad I was in the hospital being monitored and didn't go into labor on my own and the same thing happen. It was a scary ordeal but I am happy with the outcome.

One last pregnant picture

in the parking lot of the hospital.

Still smiling

that is because it is early in the process.

Contractions are starting

Just born

Little toes

Cleaned off

and holding dad's hand.

Finally all snug

Being weighed

Being measured

Cousin Kyle

Mommom's 2 youngest