Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I'm done

Get me out of this thing!

This is good

Snack time

Graham crackers and milk and my dad.

Just one PLEASE

Mom would like just one good picture of the two of us. This is OK.

Bubble Lover

Elliot loves bubbles. We had one that we could play with in the house (thanks to Gram) and was great because he had to manipulate it to make the bubbles come out. Unfortunately it stopped working. So we were on the hunt for a new one. (Actually we wanted the same one but couldn't find it). After one unsuccessful purchase (it leaked bubbles EVERYWHERE), we found Gazillion of Bubbles. It literally spits out thousands of bubbles a minute. It is definitely an outdoor bubble maker. Elliot likes it.

Even better when you touch

How Cool

Thousands of Bubbles

I LOVE the slide

Before Haircut

Like my mullet?


We got his haircut on March 3, 2007.

"New" Discovery

We brought out the bumbo again and he likes sitting in it.

What's this mom?

Thanks to the squirrels for sharing their nuts.