Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A tooth

Max got his first tooth on July 14, 2009. He got his bottom left tooth and has been pretty miserable...not sure if his 26 days of diarrhea had anything to do with the tooth but let's hope not for future teeth.

Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July weekend. Elliot and Dad went to the parade on Saturday morning (not sure if dad took any pics). After nap time we went to Aunt Pat's for a BBQ and hung out with everyone. That night Mom took Elliot to his first fireworks ever. He did a great job and liked them a lot (not scared one bit) but he was tired before they were over and asked to go home. We heard the finale on our way home, instead of seeing it. Maybe next year, he'll make it through the whole show.

Relaxing and watching them with Poppop

He refused to let me document his first fireworks event

Self timer, family photo

It is hard to see with the sun coming in.

Dad and boys--again

there seems to be more of these then ones with mom :-(

Matching Shirts

Ready to Party!

Max Turns 9 months

Max is doing pretty well. We went to his 9 month check up. He now weighs 18.8lbs and is 27.5 inches long. He is still 25% for both height and weight. He is still on zantac because his reflux is still pretty bad. The doctor found a murmur when listening to his heart so we have to see a cardiologist to just make sure that it is an "innocent" murmur and nothing more serious. The appointment is set for July 20th. Other than that, he is doing really well

9 Months

Helicopter Noses

Chilling before bed

Bubble Goatee

Fun in the bath

His favorite past time--stealing El's milk

Max has learned to crawl: 6.22.09

Boy in a box

Standing all by himself

Beach Trip #1

As Elliot would like to say "I am a very lucky boy!" He gets to go down the shore two times this year, for a week each. Our first trip was to Cape May Point with Gram, Aunt Maggie, Uncle Paul, Aunt Kate, John and Jeannie. Elliot had a blast. He LOVED the water and went surfing with dad, climbed all 199 steps to the lighthouse, went to the zoo, played really well with John and just had a great trip. Max did surprisingly well for his first time to the beach and sleeping away from home. He loved the beach as long as the wind wasn't blowing and really liked sucking the salt water off rocks and buckets. While away he learned to go from laying to sitting and how to clap. We saw a tooth but after coming home, it went back up.

Best Friends

Dad and Elliot

Mom and Elliot

Mom and Max

Max and Jeannie

on their EARLY morning walk

Mom and her boys

Best family shot

Being Buried


BIG Turtles

Looking at the Flamingos

Loving the chair

Bubble Mowers and Lighthouse Shirts

My smiley man

Feeding "Baby Gram"

Wearing Aunt Mag's hat

First day at the beach

in a Halloween shirt :-)

Playing a sculpture

Grounds For Sculpture

Helping with Laundry

Roly Poly Max

Strawberry Picking at Springdale Farm