Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Important Lesson

DON'T touch electrical outlets!!!!!
Just kidding...a hazard of winter, static electricity.

All done

You can take it off now!

Cool dude

Happy Boy

Always with a smile on my face.

Cool tattoo

Dad gave me my first "tat" as a tribute to my mommy.

Bubble Bath

We decided to switch things up and add some Mr. Bubble to his bath. He was less than thrilled. At first he wouldn't even put his hands in the water. After he got used to it he touched some bubbles. He was not his joyous and playful self this bath. We will hold off on the bubbles until later.

Look familiar?

Check out March 2006 in the Archives for the original picture.

What are you doing to me?

These are cool, I guess

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Still cute

I just woke up with some serious bed head and of course mom had to take a picture. First you wake me up and then you stick a camera in my face...how rude!

Bed head

Leave me alone, I just woke up!

1 Year Old

We made it. Elliot turned one year old on January 16, 2007. Looking back on all the pictures it is hard to believe he was so little and how the time has flown. It is hard to remember that little "blob" that did nothing but eat, sleep and poop. He is getting so big and can do so much now. He is cruising the furniture great and can get wherever he wants around the house. He weighs 21.5 pounds and is 28.75 inches tall (still a shorty but I don't think that will ever change). We still have NO teeth but he LOVES food. He will probably give up the bottle very shortly, execpt in the morning and at night. Mom and dad have limited time on the week day mornings so he needs the bottle until Mommom or Aunt Pat can give him "real food." We will try cow's milk first and hope for the best but if we get stomach issues then it will be soy milk for awhile. (Here's hoping to no problems!!!) He ate some cake on his birthday but didn't get messy. He is not a big fan of smooshy food on his fingers so he touched it and tasted a little but then wanted to be fed with a fork and ate the whole piece. We were hoping to share his birthday with Uncle Mike who turned 30 two days before but they had bad weather and couldn't make it down from Syracuse. We'll hopefully get together next year!


I hope I get some.


Why do you let this guy near me? All he does is torture me.

Deja Vu

Didn't we just do this a few weeks ago?

I think I'll play with him

Who is this stranger?

Someone play with me

Hey, he looks familiar!

Thanks for sharing

John loved feeding Elliot Cheerios and of course Elliot would never turn down food.

And don't forget poppop

Now one with mommom

A good one!

Finally, a good one of all three...it only took about 20 tries!

Who's that?

Mike and Mary walked in the door just as we took the picture.

Learning from a pro

John is teaching me how to play with it the right way.